Improve your training

5 Fit Tips to Improve your training


Why are you doing what you are doing? So many are exercising because they feel that is the trending thing to do, this means they normally purchase a bog-standard gym membership or attend a few classes. This doesn’t last very long because they either don’t get the results they were after or aren’t fully committed to it in the first place.


“Exercising without a purpose can be like driving a car without a destination”


There’s nothing wrong with that, as you can enjoy the moment but after while it will become boring and you will stop.


Find your purpose, the reason why you are doing it in the first place. This will be your foundation to why you will put yourself through what you plan to do. It will remind you daily to keep going, stick with it and never give up.



As I mentioned above, too many are getting in the gym because of it being the normal trend now. It’s like; you’re weird if you don’t have a FitBit, because obviously if something hasn’t tracked your steps, it’s like they never happened lol. When looking to get more active and start appreciating your body you need to find something that you enjoy.


Being and staying active is the easiest thing to do when you enjoy the activity you are doing. Again, it is a trend to have a gym membership and yet there are so many different varieties of exercise classes, sports and groups out there you could be missing out.


Try new things, don’t think exercise must be done within the four walls of a gym. Ever thought of going to your local Yoga class, joining a running group, getting friends together to play badminton every week??


Find what you enjoy and use and abuse that activity!



You aren’t following a routine!! We live repetitive lives, even those who think they are spontaneous we still have daily routines and rituals that define who we are. Structure basically means planning and organising your week to set you up to win and get the most out of it. We live such busy lives nowadays which means we can’t waste anytime procrastinating. Schedule in your diary days that you know you can exercise, try and keep those days the same every week as you will make that a new and good habit a lot quicker and easier.


Now that you have planned what days you will train/keep fit you want to have some sort of structure to what you are doing. If you attend classes or play a sport this won’t necessarily relate to you but for those that are training on their own, you need to have a plan or what you are doing in each and every session.


Don’t just rock up and train whatever you feel like, don’t just slip on the running shoes and go out for a plod. If you want to progress and make improvements you need to be following a plan and track your progression along the way. Otherwise, how do you know if you are working hard enough, if you’re improving or just going through the motions.


However, sometimes though, it is nice to keep the training plan in the gym bag and just have some fun in the gym or just putting your shoes on and going for a run to clear the mind. You don’t always have to have structure to your training but it is key if you are planning on improving specific areas.


Buddy Up

One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do”

Training or staying fit can be made easier, more enjoyable and a lot more sociable by training with a gym buddy or in a group. We are ALL competitive even if you don’t want to admit it so training with a friend, family member, work colleague who is a similar level to you can really ignite the fire in your training because now you have some competition to see who is better.


Look, don’t think it’s a bad thing to want to beat someone else and be superior. We are just made that way, that’s why we have evolved the way we have and are at the top of the food chain.


If you’re struggling to motivate yourself with your training, having that training partner will hold you accountable… no one likes letting others down. Sending that – sorry buddy, not coming to the gym with you tonight – text is as hard as a break up text!!


Mix It Up

As I mentioned above that we love routines and rituals and find that when we get into something we enjoy we can find ourselves doing the same thing for a long ass time!! However, even though we enjoy it, we can find ourselves getting bored of the same old weekly routine.


When this happens, maybe it is time to try something new to make sure that the fire stays lit. This doesn’t means changing your training completely but maybe trying a different training style within the gym i.e. circuit based workouts or powerlifting training. If it’s a sport maybe it is time to change clubs or improve the level that you’re currently playing at.


Introducing a new stimulus to your current training will help keep the body adapting to what you through it up. I recently started Thai Boxing for a form of cardio and you know what, it was one of the best decisions I made.


Keep up with the ever changing and adapting 21st Century, be willing to try new things and mix your training up every now and again.


Hope you got some useful information from this, now I want you to go away and implement the relevant information to help you with getting the most out of your training.

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