5 Reasons why you, as a lady, haven’t got the body of your dreams!

There are some home truths in here and the things I say might piss you off, but that’s a good thing because normally the things that trigger you are the things that can change you.

When I mean the body of your dreams, I don’t mean to have a six pack, but to be comfortable walking around in a bikini or even better, walking around naked because that really shows off self-confidence.

Ok, let’s get started…

You haven’t made the barbell your bitch!

Are you squatting your bodyweight? Are you hip thrusting double your bodyweight? Are you lunging? Can you lunge all day long like a pro… Maybe not, but you should, because those are the type of movements and weights you want to be doing to really make a difference to your body shape. What doesn’t challenge you won’t change you! To many girls are focused on losing weight, lifting light, running miles rather than becoming a better, stronger version of yourself.


You have built a negative relationship with carbohydrates

Eat to fuel your training, not to fill an emotional need, seriously! Yes, we are emotional eaters, we eat when we are happy, we eat when we’re sad, we eat when we’re with friends. However, you need to be aware that carbs are not bad; be in a calorie deficit… lose weight, eat cake, go into a surplus… gain weight. Ok, it is more complex than that but if we were rational thinkers we would know that it’s not carbs that are making you gain weight but the fact you binge on carbs when emotional, but we’re not rational thinkers, we are irrational. We know what we should and shouldn’t be doing but it’s about taking action on doing the right stuff.

Also, it’s hard for you lot to lose weight. I can maintain on 2,500 calories per day, so if I was to go to costa and have a slice of chocolate cake and waste 500 calories, that’s only a 5th of my daily intake. Whereas you lot, this is a 3rd of your calories…unlucky. However, it doesn’t mean you can never have these things ever again but you have to moderate them. The danger isn’t carbs but the dosage.


You don’t have the support from your friends

You don’t get that support or the lift from your friends because they’re ‘Bitches’. Other girls don’t like to see you improve your look and self-confidence, so will create an negative image with what you’re doing i.e. you’re looking a bit skinny, you never come out anymore, why are you so boring, your muscles make you look manly etc., etc.


You follow too many idiots on Instagram

You are idolising to many people on social media showing how fucking awesome their life is. They make you believe how beautiful you can look when training, how good you can look eating pizza and drinking every weekend when in reality that isn’t true. You get shown the highlight reel of their life which is clever because it then makes you easy to sell too. Nothing in life comes easy!

You don’t see the years and years of their hard work, their daily routines and habits that allow them to be that shape but that’s not sexy to see and easy to sell. Who the fuck wants to see that you have to get your training sessions in almost every day bringing you to a sweaty pile of mush, controlling your nutrition 80-90% of the time and limiting nights out with friends. Lifting weights, looking great is hard, eating the right foods is hard, saying no to a curry and alcohol fuelled night out is fucking hard… but we value the things that we work hard for, that’s why if it was given to you easy, you wouldn’t appreciate it because there hasn’t had to be a sacrifice for it.


You are not brutally honest with yourself

Doing everything and not getting results, hmm maybe you aren’t doing everything and that’s why you haven’t got the results or you have no clue in what you’re doing so you need to ask for someone’s help to get the results. You blame hormone issues, thyroid issues etc., etc. when in reality you just need to work a bit harder and be a bit more consistent. Life is not fair, but you’re pissed off at sally because she can eat cake on a Saturday and still look amazing, whereas you can’t. Well you’re not fucking Sally are you! Look at your fitness goals as a poker game, some get dealt good hands, some get shit hands. However, you can still beat someone with a better hand than you if you are mentally stronger & smarter than them.


This information only applies to the people that want the body of their dreams whereas some people don’t want it, at all. But that’s ok, you don’t have to listen to any of this. But what you need to understand is that things that trigger you, usually change you, so you need to take some of this on board, be more honest with yourself and go start smashing the barbell.


And all I want you to know is that I am going on like this because I care about you and I want you to get the body of your dreams. But the thing is that people out there need to start growing some balls/ovaries and start making it happen. If this has pissed you off and triggered you, instead of using that energy to leave a nasty comment, go use it to and sort your shit out, prove me wrong!


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  1. Brilliant, this was me before I started to train with you and working with in a mainly female group I hear comments like this every day and sit there thinking I’ve got this sorted and all for a bit of effort in the gym and out on the road running. In 5 months I’ve lost over a stone in weight, toned up and had positive comments from colleagues. So when I lose heart I just get to the gym

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