Flatter Tummy

6 Steps to a flatter tummy

Calorie Control

To most of us, calorie counting looks to be a chore, something that only the obsessive does but it could be where you might be going wrong. Firstly, do you even know how many calories your body uses every day? No, ok then a good place to start is to work that out. You can go onto Google, search calorie calculator and work it out for yourself. Now you know how many calories you burn per day – some of you might be shocked with how little you burn – you can now start to look at the foods you consume and how quickly they could be adding up, tipping you over your daily limit making you put on weight.
Here comes your savour, MyFitnessPal! This is a game changer, it allows you to track all your foods, see the breakdown of those foods and aware of where you might be going wrong. Do you need to do this for the rest of your life, no! But to start off it would be beneficial for you to see how much your consuming and how to stay within your daily limit.


Drink Water

How hard is it to drink 8 glasses or 2-3 litres of water per day? Well, to the majority, f**king impossible. Access to limitless cups of tea and coffee, fizzy drinks, sugar free squash we have turned into a population that hate the taste of water. Yes, water doesn’t excite the pallet but the benefits it brings outweighs that tenfold.

Not only keeping yourself hydrated helps you reduce how tired you feel throughout the day, it keeps your body’s systems running efficiently (the human body is 55%-60% made up of water). Regularly drinking water is a great tool for combatting any hunger cravings caused by shrinking in the stomach walls after meals.


Build a Foundation

So, you here FitPros bang on about abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym blah blah blah. Well, that’s stating the fact of wanting to see visible abs. However, we are forgetting that the core is the pathway from our upper body to our lower body and must deal with extreme forces daily. Start thinking about building a strong core, remove those crunches you’ve been doing at the end of every work out and start putting in some stability planks or ab roll outs where you put the whole core area through a greater work out. Once that foundation is built, as your stomach fat reduces you will have a hell of a lot better conditioning underneath to show off!! Just look at some of the female crossfit competitors.


Get Enough Sleep


The recommended amount of sleep is 6-8 hours of sleep per night but that isn’t just sleep. I mean quality sleep, deep sleep, zombielike almost where you don’t wake at all from the moment you fall asleep to the moment you wake. Many of us, including myself struggle to get a full night’s unbroken sleep. Why might this be? Decisions on the brain before bed, staring at bright white screens (phone, tablet, laptop) last thing at night, hyped up on caffeine. These are just a few to why we don’t sleep so well. This then affects our body’s recovery making us feel sluggish through the following day, craving energy, fast. Tired brains make lazy decisions and the day is spent sipping coffee, energy drinks and consuming your bodyweight in sugary foods just to feel alive.


Position Yourself to Win


You want to start your day knowing that it’s going to be a good day. Make small targets to achieve throughout the day to help keep you in a positive mindset for example; taking a healthy lunch to work, going for a walk before work, not snacking between meals throughout the day etc. Staying in that positive mindset will keep you focused on your goals and keep you adhering to your training & nutrition.

I like to start the day watching YouTube videos that help me with work or if I am feeling a bit low, the motivation videos come on. Also, I walk to work listening to my favourite music which puts me into a good frame of mind, ready to take on the day.


Be Consistent


The one word that will divide those who achieve and those who don’t. No one has gotten anywhere in life without putting in the work and going hours, days, weeks and months doing the things they need to do to get to where they want to. Every diet starts well but rarely ever get finished because it is so easy to give up and say, ‘fuck it’. Well, if a flat tummy is something you want, you’re not going to get it after just 1 week of eating healthy and training hard. That will come after weeks, months of consistently putting the work in.


It is hard but not impossible, something worth having is worth fighting for. Now, go get it!!!

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