Who Am I?

I am a tattooed, 5ft 7, 15 year old looking lad but I am actually 26, who loves a tub of Ben & Jerry’s every now and then. However, I live the ‘fitness lifestyle’ and love helping people transform their lives through training, nutrition & mindset. Transforming someone not just physically but mentally is the most rewarding feeling ever!

I know this because I have transformed my own life through the use of training, nutrition & mindset. It all started when I realised I was everyone’s little brother in my year at school. The lads teased me for being skinny and small and I got nowhere with the girls.

After seeing how the girls in my year seemed to drool at the pictures of tanned, topless, athletic looking guys on Facebook I knew that for me to be seen and taken serious was to become one of them. So I started the gym straight away at my local leisure centre. After having my gym induction and reading a couple of Men’s Health magazines I knew this was my ‘mecca’. I was addicted to the feeling, watching my body change, grow, improve and naively take about 10 protein shakes a day.

Fast forward to now, my training, nutrition & mindset has all become part of my lifestyle and is forever improving. Did it all click at first, of course not but I didn’t give up. I kept consistent and that allowed me to look, live & feel the way I do now……which is pretty damn good by the way, check my Instagram

I transformed my life, and all I want to do is help you do the same….