New Years Resolution

Make 2017 the best year of your life

Are you ready for the New Year Resolutioners? The ones you laugh at because you know that they will start something new next week, last 2 weeks then give up and go back to normal living.

Well, what if I said that those people are a step closer to achieving that goal than you. Why? Because they are at least willing to give it a go!

Many can’t even be bothered to try, so, to help those that do step into the unknown, I salute YOU! And to help you break that two, three, four-week period where many stop, quit, give up, I am going to give you some pointers.


  1. Have you seen the motivational quote for runners ‘You are lapping everyone on the sofa’ well this is true. Any change is positive change no matter how small it may be. It took myself and many others in my industry to get to the shape we are. Don’t expect to be there now.


  1. As I mentioned above, the guys/gals that drop off after 2 weeks comes down to not following a sustainable routine or regime. Be realistic, and anything you plan to do, I want you to take a long hard look at it and ask yourself ‘could I do this long term?’ Hitting the gym 5 days a week after not going at all is commendable but NOT sustainable and NOT going to last.
    If when you look at your new diet and all you do is fantasise about when you come off it is NOT the place to start.


  1. Why do you over complicate everything. Get the foundations correct and the rest will follow suit. Get your calories levelled out, eat more protein & move more. To start off, it really is that simple.


  1. Weight loss is like poker; don’t show your hand straight away. What I mean is you don’t need to start training twice a day, cardio in the morning and weights at night, carb cycling, intermittent fasting straight away. These are tools that you can bring in when things start to plateau. You want longevity, not speed I assure you.


  1. Take pride in the small wins; getting up earlier to train is a small win, including a source of protein with every meal is a small win, not snacking between meals is a small win, managing an hours training is a small win. Allow these small wins to encourage and motivate you. Bit by bit they will all add up to one massive success.


  1. Progress will not appear overnight so don’t kid yourself that it will. You are in this for the long run, what you’re about to tackle will improve not only your future but your current situation. Stay focused on the end goal but enjoy the process, as that process will eventually be lifelong.


Feel motivated? Good, go do get it done!


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