Online Training

There are so many training & nutrition plans out there online that I can download and start, envisioning of becoming the next Arnold. But you’ve already tried this and failed haven’t you…. Don’t worry so did I!

Why do you think this is?

  1. You are not enjoying what you are doing
  2. The environment that surrounds you does not benefit your goal
  3. You do not have the support around you to stay on track

See the only thing the piece of paper of the internet teaches you is how to follow a piece of paper

What you need is to follow a plan of action that you actually enjoy doing, that you are being educated on why it is working and mostly surrounding yourself with like minded people wanting the same things as you.

Do you think I am making this up?

Of course not otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading, I want to widen your understanding of Online Training. You might not need the attention of 1 to 1 gives you but Online Training can give you that boost you need to kick start you to actually reaching that target you have in your mind. 

I will set out an 8 week plan of action for you to follow, keeping you on track by checking in with you every week making sure you are progressing closer and closer to your target. Knowing the plan is suited to your needs (work/life) you will have no problems keeping to the plan, as long as you are willing to put in the work.

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