Social Media Ruining Weight Loss Efforts

Is Social Media ruining YOUR weight loss efforts?

Social Media has become everyday life and checking your news feeds 3-4 times every hour is classed as normal now. We are constantly attacking our own self-beliefs by liking, loving and admiring another person’s life. Social Media is here to stay and the affects its having on our society are both good and bad. What I am going to explain is how it could be having a negative effect on you ruining any hope of self-improvement.


Nowadays if you ever need to know something you just “Google” it or even better Alexa now has all the answers (Alexa is bloody amazing btw). Even better is we don’t even have to search now, it comes up on our social media feeds from the people we follow. Whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest… we have plenty of resources when it comes to training, recipes and fitsporation!

Now don’t get me wrong, more and more people have benefited from the reach social media offers. We can get more information out there than ever before and literally put in front of those who need it the most by a click of a button. It has helped me immensely with connecting with new clients and helping those around me. The access to unlimited training plans, quick easy recipes and that all-important quote you’ve been searching for to remind you why you started has accelerated the fitness trend combating the ever-growing obesity rates.


Unfortunately, social media does have a downside too….


Even though there are many real, truthful individuals that show to you what it’s like to live the fitness lifestyle, there are many selling you a fake reality… a fairy tale.

If you scrolled through either your Facebook or Instagram feed it will be filled with many people you admire & aspire to be like… so for the guys that’s a feed of topless blokes, eating chicken out of Tupperware necking endless amount of the newest protein shake whereas for the girls it’s women in tight fitting gym wear, with the flawless tan showing that they got that booty by drinking an overpriced cup of PG Tips and squatting once a day.

The uncomfortable truth is all those athletes, models etc. have been working on themselves for many years but promote that YOU can look the same by doing just a few things they’re promoting. And as naïve as we are, we believe it, do it, don’t succeed and end up still feeling shit about how we look.

What breaks my heart and I have been a victim of this is chasing that ‘perfect body’ which we are constantly exposed too. We then believe it’s the norm for guys to have the perfectly formed six pack with bulging biceps and a chiselled jaw line. And for girls they are left feeling that it’s not acceptable unless you have the perfectly rounded bum, flat stomach, boobs that still need a bra and NO cellulite!!


The problem…


All those pictures have been manipulated in some shape or form but in our minds, we are made to think that this is normal and accepted. So, after months and months of hard work and enthusiasm we are left feeling unhappy with the way we look because we don’t look like them, leaving us feeling even worse about our own body image and questioning why we bother in the first place.

With the fitness lifestyle becoming more and more a part of everyday living we are improving how we feel and think of our own body image. Giving us the confidence to upload photos on how much we’ve lost or what event we just completed or how happy we are with our new body shapes. Now isn’t that awesome to see and hear!!

Unfortunately, all it needs it one negative comment, one joke or remark and back to square one we go… uploading photo’s is great but PLEASE do it for your own self appreciation and don’t hold onto the comments or amount of likes you get because you need to learn to appreciate yourself and praise yourself for how well you’ve done rather than wait for others opinion.

Social Media is forever growing and will continue to help motivate and inspire people to be better, to make the change and start looking after number 1. But it also has a nasty side which can leave many feeling not good enough, worthless and undervalued. The only thing you can do is choose which way to look at it… POSTIVE or NEGATIVE.

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