The pyramid of priorities

Want to lose weight… get your priorities right!

Want to lose weight but can’t? Why is that?

There is an abundant amount of information out there for you when it comes to trying to live a healthier happier life but so why do we struggle so much with our weight. Simple reason is ‘information overload’ which disrupts our ability to choose where to start. So, here is a simple but effective way to help; here is the pyramid of priorities which lists in order where to start and put all your focus on to first!


We need to give our time and attention to the right things, for example:

1. Calories are king, that’s not to say we MUST count them, but it is a need to understand and appreciate them and have a way of controlling them so we maintain our weight, or successfully lose weight. Whatever method of portion control we use we need to find consistency with it so we can be successful with it long term. To find out your energy balance ‘click here‘.

2. It’s not on their but it would be paired with macronutrients and that’s fibre. A focus wants to be put on your fibre content as this helps with feeling full and slowing down the digestion process keeping you fuller for longer. You want to aim for around about 20-30g a day but you can check this using a tracking app like MyFitnessPal.

3. Protein is king of the Macronutrients and you want to aim for a first size portion at every meal or 20-40g depending on your size and bodyweight, or 25-35% of your diet in terms of a macronutrient %. This is key to help with muscle protein synthesis which help build or maintain muscle as well as activate a bunch of gut hormones which helps with satiating your appetite!!

4. Again not on their but paired with micronutrient is Hydration. We need to be drinking enough water, around 2-3L a day is good for most and yes things like tea, coffee and squash all count towards your total intake.

5. A diet abundant in fresh fruit and vegetables will help you maximise your health potential and get lots of micronutrients.

6. Looking at meal frequency and meal size is entirely dependant on you and what your day looks like, how you like to eat etc. Have a busy day and don’t really have time to eat, go for a bigger portion but eat less frequently throughout the day. Do you find you feel constantly hungry and thrive better on eating little and often then reduce the meal size and increase the frequency throughout the day. This is something you will refine over time based on your preferences 🙂

7. Firstly we need to get the above right, then choose a few choice supplements. The basics to cover are Vitamin D, Fish Oils and maybe Vitamin C but at the end of the day they are supplementing on top of your daily diet where you can hit most of your micronutrient goals through food.

Either way we need to work, as individuals, up the pyramid.
So which area today do you feel you need to work on?
This morning is about awareness, what do you feel you haven’t nailed, and lets look to acquire that knowledge so you can nail it.
If you have any questions regarding this blog then hit me up with an email, I will do my best to give you the best reply 🙂
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