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Why do I store Fat on my legs! Part 1

Being a weight loss coach for over 5 years and my client base being predominantly female I often hear the question “Why do I store fat on my legs”. For many women, it comes with a frustrated look and tired tone because for most they would say that they are unhappy with their legs.

So, I am here to clear away the fog on why women tend to store their body fat around their things, bum, pelvis and upper arms. But before we get started I am going to notify you that this article does get into some depth so please be with me and it might be worthwhile reading it more than once.

According to the UK Parliament, 27% of Britons are obese whilst 37% of the population are classed as overweight. However, it does differ between the sexes as 41% of men are overweight compared to 31% of women but 27% of both men and women are classed as obese.

Just to clarify what is classed as healthy and what body fat levels are classed as healthy I have provided you with the tables below.


(Table 1)

Body Fat %

(Table 2)

BMI Chart

As you can see from table 1 that women hold more body fat naturally than men and I will now get into the reasons in part 2. But firstly, I wanted you to understand what is classed as a healthy level of body and briefly cover why women and men hold fat in different places.

So now you know that women hold more fat subcutaneously (under the skin) and men hold fat more viscerally (around the organs). Also, you now know that women can have a higher fat percentage and still be classed as healthy and in part 2 I will get into detail why that is, a little spoiler, it proves that women are the predominant sex…. Sorry fellas.

Lastly, overweight men and women may have the same waist circumference (an important measure of CVD risk), but women on average will hold 1.8kg more subcutaneous fat than men, meaning men will have far more visceral fat, this can make a massive difference on physical appearance!

Let’s end it there so I don’t lose you to brain overload…. Get ready for part 2!

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